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All Clad Stainless Steel Roasting Set Review

All-Clad 16x13x3-in. Stainless Roasting Set with Rack  

The All-Clad Stainless range is one of the most popular of All-clad products and with good reason. It’s mirror finish stainless exterior and streamlined design makes this cookware very appealing and one that we really can’t find fault with.

What We Like

The product we are reviewing for you today is the All-Clad Roasting Set which is part of All-Clads Stainless range.  The roaster measures in at 16×13x3in and weighs 12lbs so you can appreciate that this is a solid piece of equipment. The rack and poultry lifters are also included in the purchase price.

For those that only cook a roast during the holiday season this pan may seem a bit of an extravagance, however, the roaster can be used for cooking many other dishes. Then when holiday time comes around once more, you will have the convenience of having a roaster with the ability to hold a 25lb turkey.

This is one big pan and will delight any professional or home cook with its stylish goods looks and exceptional quality.

The pan is well constructed and should last a lifetime so even if you do only use it at Thanksgiving and Christmas you will still be getting value for money.

This roaster holds up to a 25lb turkey so is quite a large – maybe too large for some home cooks but bear in mind that you aren’t limited to cooking turkeys and roasts in this pan.

Clean up for this pan is quite good but remember that we aren’t talking non-stick here. So you aren’t going to get the exceptional clean up results you might get with say a comparable product like the Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick Roaster Set.

For presentation appeal this pan really stands out. You could almost bring this pan to the table as a display piece – it just looks that good.

Also included with this roaster are 2 lifting forks and a rack. The rack itself is nonstick which is a must have as it makes it a lot easier to clean up.

What We Don't Like

This is a large pan and some may find it difficult to find room to store this roaster when not in use which, for those who only cook a roast at Christmas or Thanksgiving, may be a considerable amount of time during the year.

The recommended retail price for this product is over $300 which can make it an expensive item for the average household. We have seen this pan selling at under $200 bringing it into a price range that is a little easier on the pocket.

Bear in mind that this pan should last you a lifetime so it is good value for money.

Our Final Word

This is not a cheap piece of cookware by any means but after reviewing this product we have to say that as a long term investment the All Clad Roasting Set is great value for money.

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Find the Best Price

We recommend that you purchase from one of the following reputable online stores for the best price and service:

Check the latest price at Cooking.com 

Check the latest price at Metrokitchen

Check the latest price at Amazon




Stainless Steel with
aluminum core


Stainless steel handles

Oven Safe?:

Yes, to 500F


Hand wash with mild cleanser.


Lifetime warranty


Roaster set includes:

- 16x13x3in roaster
- 2 lifting forks
- rack