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Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick Roaster Set Review

Calphalon 16x13x3-in. Nonstick Contemporary Nonstick Roasting Set

With Thanksgiving and Christmas looming we felt the time was right to review the Calphalon NonStick Roasting Set.

This is a hot seller and with good reason. Calphalon have developed a commercial grade roaster that works superbly in any home kitchen. And as a bonus this roasting pan comes with a rack, two lifters and an injection baster.

What We Like

The roaster has a hard anodized aluminum exterior so heat is conducted evenly and quickly and the nonstick interior ensures that foods do not stick to the cooking surface.

The rack which is included is also non-stick and is shaped to accommodate a large roast. This rack allows the hot air to circulate around the roast allowing for even cooking all the way around the meat, ensuring that you achieve a wonderful crispiness on all sides of the roast. By using the rack, you can lift the meat straight out of the pan leaving nothing behind to stick to the base.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just roasting meats in this pan. It is also useful for baking lasagnas, spinach pie, and crisp roasted vegetables. In fact you can use this roasting pan for almost any dish that requires oven cooking.

As with all Calphalon NonStick products, cleaning is a breeze. We all know how much food can be stuck to the base of a regular roasting pan but you will be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy you will be able to clean up the non-stick surface on this pan.

This is a large pan measuring 16x13 inches which means you should be able to fit a 20lb to 25lb turkey in this pan. Any bigger though and you might find it a tight squeeze.

The added extra items are a real bonus. The baster keeps the roast moist and juicy and the lifters provide additional help to remove the roast from the pan.

What We Don't Like

The handles are a large size and curved in which can make the roaster difficult to store. The handles can also reduce the size of the roast that you can cook and if you have a large piece of meat, the handles can make it difficult to remove the roast once it has cooked.

The roaster is not dishwasher safe but since this pan is so easy to clean up it is not really an issue.

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Find the Best Price

We recommend that you purchase from one of the following reputable online stores for the best price and service:

Check the latest price at Cooking.com

Check the latest price at Amazon




Hard anodized exterior with a nonstick interior


Stainless steel handles.

Oven Safe?:

Yes, to 450F


Hand wash.

Dishwasher Safe:



Wood or nylon


Lifetime warranty

Roaster set includes:

- nonstick roaster
- Baster
- two
- Nonstick rack