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Calphalon 10 Piece Tri-Ply Copper Cookware Set Review

Calphalon 10-pc. Tri-ply Copper Cookware Set

The Calphalon Tri-ply copper product range is the first of our copper cookware reviews.

Copper cookware is used by a good proportion of chefs around the world and it is not just for its good looks.

Copper is one of the best conductors of heat and it reacts quickly to temperature changes. This ultimately gives the cook more control over the cooking process and results in more evenly cooked foods.

What We Like

For the price, Calphalon manufactures an exceptionally good range of copper cookware.

The 10pc Tri-Ply Copper Cookware Set is both attractive and durable which is important as copper on its own is quite a soft metal and can dent and scratch easily.

The pots have a distinctive style with a brushed copper exterior and aluminum inner core which combine to ensure superior conductivity and precise cooking control.

The interior is made from satin finished, brushed stainless steel which ensures that foods don't come into contact with the copper.

 Copper is a reactive metal so acidic foods like tomatoes can react with it causing minor discoloration and taste changes in the foods. The stainless steel cooking surface prevents this from happening.

There are a number of excellent features such as flared rims which allowed us to easily pour liquids from the pot, the curved handles that are well riveted and remain cool to the touch during cooking on the stovetop and stainless steel lids that ensure that the steam, heat and flavors are kept inside the pot where they belong.

All Calphalon Tri-ply copper cookware is safe to use in both the oven and on the broiler. This is great for those dishes that require browning on the stove top and finishing off in the oven as you don’t need to change utensils for the purpose – so less clean up.

Quite apart from the fact that the pots look great they heat and cool down rapidly so that we had complete control over the temperatures.

The price of the Calphalon Tri-Ply Copper cookware range is exceptional. At under $500 you could own this 10 pc set and you should be able to find individual pieces at under $100.

What We Don't Like

As with all non-teflon products, some foods tend to stick but since the cooking surface is stainless steel clean up is relatively easy.

Copper cookware can require a bit of maintenance to keep it looking as good as the day you purchased it. Like all copper pots, they will discolor over time with use, but it in no way effects their performance and a good polishing with a copper cleaning agent will restore the original brilliance.

Although not a big issue, we also felt that the long handles could have been a bit wider to ensure a little more control when lifting and pouring.

This range of cookware is not dishwasher safe so hand washing is required.

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Find the Best Price

We recommend that you purchase from one of the following reputable online stores for the best price and service:

Check the latest price at Cooking.com

Check the latest price at Amazon



Copper with aluminum core and stainless steel cooking surface


Cast polished stainless steel handles

Oven Safe?:

Yes, to any temperature.

Broiler Safe?



Hand wash.

Dishwasher Safe:



Lifetime warranty


Set includes:

8in omelette pan
10in omelette pan
1.5qt sauce pan with lid
2.5qt sauce pan with lid
6qt stockpot with lid
3qt sauté pan with lid