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How to Choose Cookware for your Wedding Registry

...and get the cookware that you really want!

The first thing to do is get over the guilt of asking for a specific gift! A mistake that many couples make is to hurriedly and almost randomly choose a Wedding Registry that doesn’t offer gifts to their taste or needs.

Remember that people who buy you a wedding gift want you to be happy with it and use it – so the more guidance you can give them, the more likely you are to end up with something that you love and use…and the happier the giver will be!

Where To Start?

Many couples live together before they get married and if this is the case, you may already have some cookware. If you haven’t lived together and have nothing, just skip to ‘What’s Your Style?’

Firstly, empty out your cupboards and take an inventory of what you have. You may have one or two items from a set in which case, it’s a great opportunity to complete that set.
Maybe you could only afford inexpensive cookware which is now past its’ best and could do with totally replacing.

What’s Your Style?

Try not to be seduced by how attractive cookware is. Make sure that it will fit in with the way you live and cook. For instance, if an item is not dishwasher safe, will you really use it or will it languish at the back of the cupboard?

If you like to eat healthily, try to go for non-stick surfaces as these require less oil. If you're an aspiring chef, choose hard anodized stainless steel or copper for superior heat conductivity. Be realistic and you will be less likely to end up with a cupboard full of items that you never use – which would be such a shame!

Doubling Up

You don’t need to feel tied to one store. Many couples offer at least two stores on their registry. If you do, be careful not to duplicate items. This is where your checklist will come in handy!

The Amazon Wedding Registry is probably one of the best ways to organize your wedding registry. Apart from the fact that they have every item imaginable, a good majority of people already have an account with them so they are more likely to use them. Plus it is all online so your family and friends don't need to head out to buy your present.

Remember who’s buying…

Try to offer a large variety of items in varying price ranges because not everyone attending your wedding wants to spend $200. Make sure there are many $25, $50, $75, and $100 wedding gifts to choose from. For help with this, see our Cookware List at the end of this article.

Tips On Choosing Cookware For Your Wedding Registry

• Take some time finding materials and styles that reflect how you cook and live.

• Stainless steel pans look clean, require the least maintenance and can go in the dishwasher and oven.

• Copper pans conduct the heat best of all and also cool down fast which gives you maximum heat control. They are also safe to use in the oven but don’t forget that it’s recommended to hand wash them and polish them often.

• Enamelled Cast Iron pans are slow to heat but distribute heat effectively. Those with porcelain-enamel insides are stick-resistant and those with porcelain-enamel outsides are durable and come in wonderful colors. The enamelled ones are dishwasher and oven safe.

• If you’re not keen on baking, then there's probably no need for specialty pans such as spring form or popover. You may choose to register for a larger variety of sauce pans or casserole dishes instead.

• Even if you’re not a baker, it’s a good idea to include the basics. Include at least 2 round cake pans and a square or rectangular cake pan. Most muffin and cupcake recipes make 24, so it’s worth adding two to your registry.

• Consider registering for individual pieces as well as pan sets. This will help with offering a wider range of prices that your guests can choose from.

• Try going to a Cookware store to actually handle your chosen Cookware before committing it to your Registry. Cookware should feel sturdy and strong in your hands. Also, think about the weight of it. This especially applies to copper pieces. If you find the pot heavy to carry when it’s empty, imagine it full of food.

• If you’d like a fully stocked kitchen, consider some of the following:


- Sauce Pans
- Sauté Pans
- Stock Pots
- Frying Pans
- Cast Iron Skillet
- Double Burner Griddle
- Casserole Dishes
- Wok
- Grill Pan
- Braiser
- Roasting Pan
- Paella Pan
- Fish Poacher
- Asparagus Pot
- Double Boiler
- Fondue Pot
- Steamer
- Pressure Cooker
- Tea Kettle
- Dutch Oven

The most important thing to remember is not to stress out and enjoy your wedding day...and then enjoy your wonderful new cookware!



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