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A Guide to Emile Henry Cookware

Who or What is Emile Henry Cookware?

Emile Henry was a Frenchman who started producing quality cookware in 1850. The small business was started in Marcigny – a little town in Burgundy, France which is also world famous for its’ wines.

The cookware that he produced is still made today and the company is still owned and run by the Henry family – his ancestors. The beautiful cooking and bake ware products are made from the best quality ceramic Burgundy clay.

The manufacturing process is a combination of traditional ceramic methods and improvements in technology such as Ceradon®. Ceradon is a trade-marked word, describing Emile Henry's proprietary manufacturing method of making non-Flame products. This superior process means that the products are more resistant to mechanical and thermal (hot or cold) shocks.

What’s so special about it?

• Burgundy clay has amazing properties of heat conduction. It allows heat to diffuse slowly into the middle of the dish so that food is cooked evenly. The clay is also great at holding its’ heat so food stays hot for longer which enables it to continue developing its’ flavor.

• The products are up to 30% lighter in weight than cast iron but have the same heat conducting capabilities.

• One of the most incredible properties of all Emile Henry cookware is that they can be used straight from the freezer to the oven. This is obviously a huge benefit for busy moms or dads. They can also be used directly under the broiler and are completely safe in a microwave.

• Emile Henry cookware features special designs which are so beloved by chefs and can help you to get superior results. Their products have the correct dimensions, the right depths and special features to enhance your abilities and bring back your enjoyment of cooking.

• Lids on traditional cookware force evaporated liquid to run down the sides of the pot, which leads to uneven cooking. The lids of Emile Henry products have raised dots on their underside to allow evaporated juices to be evenly distributes back into the food. This ‘self-basting’ gives a tender and moist dish which is thoroughly cooked.

• All Emile Henry cookware can be used on all stove tops. For induction cooking, you simply slide an Emile Henry Induction Disk under the cookware.

• All of the Emile Henry products are beautiful and can be used as oven to tableware.

• The Emile Henry products are very strong. You can cut directly on the surface and the product will not scratch, chip or crack.

• Burnt food doesn’t stick to the surface and all Emile Henry products are dishwasher safe.

• All of the products are 100% safe with all foods. The glazes stay intact and do not craze, become discolored or fade.

• All Emile Henry products have a three year warranty against breakage due to defective workmanship.

• All Emile Henry products are absolutely beautiful. The Urban Collection is in restful ‘earth’ tones of fig, slate, sand and sky. If you like your cookware to be brighter, try the Classic Colors Collection or Flametop range.

The Emile Henry Cookware range comprises... Braziers, Dutch Ovens/Stewpots, Fondues, Roasters and Tagines.

If It’s That Great, It Must Be Expensive…

Not as expensive as you’d think. Pay a visit to the Emile Henry Website where they also sell ‘overstocks’ and ‘discontinued’.

It’s also well worth looking at their ‘seconds’. These are products that may have a tiny area that missed glazing or a pinprick dimply or bump. All seconds are made in the same factory and undergo the same processes and inspections as firsts – but they can go for bargain prices! And best of all, they also carry the Emile Henry Guarantee!

Amazon is also another great choice for Emile Henry Cookware. They invariably have the best prices you will find on the net.


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