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Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Cookware Review

Le Creuset 10.25-in. Enameled Iron Handle Skillet, Cherry Red

Le Creuset has been perfecting the art of enameled cookware since 1925 and their cookware is a favorite amongst French chefs.

For our first cookware review of Le Creuset cookware we decided on their cast iron enameled skillet.


What We Like

Enameled cast iron has a beauty all its own and these enamel skillets are a wonderful alternative to bare cast iron. The range is available in a variety of colors including cherry red, cobalt blue, chestnut and kiwi, so this pan will add a dash of color to any kitchen decor.

One important feature of the Le Creuset enameled skillet is that foods can be stored in it. This makes it exceptional for marinating foods prior to cooking or for storing leftovers in the fridge for later use. Although in all practicality I couldn't see myself storing foods in this pan, the option is always there if needed.

This pan has the advantage of being suitable for a variety of heat sources including gas, electric, halogen top and induction stovetops.

Another advantage to this cookware is that it is oven proof to 400F so food can be transferred from the stovetop to the oven in the same pan without the need to use a different piece of cookware. So saves on washing up.

This cast iron skillet distributes heat well so foods brown evenly. And as with all cast iron cookware the pan also retains heat extremely well, meaning that foods stay warmer for longer.

What this also means is that you do not need high temperatures in order to cook foods in this skillet. This is great in terms of energy savings.

The stylish good looks of this skillet make it perfect for transferring foods straight from stovetop to table. Just be aware, however, that these pans can retain heat for long periods so you will want to ensure that your tabletop is protected and take care to avoid burns by ensuring that your hands do not come into contact with the hot pan.

The pierced handle allows you to hang it on a pot rack but ensure that your pot rack has enough strength to hold this heavy pan.

What We Don't Like

Many purchase this pan as a replacement to Teflon and although this skillet does quite well at this, you won't quite get the same results as you would from a traditional non-stick pan.

We found the cast iron pan to be very heavy, needing two hands to lift it, so if you suffer from muscle problems or arthritis then this may not be suitable for you.

When turning out foods into serving bowls or plates the weight may also become a issue.

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